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If you do the sorting please do not save unless you rename the file for your own use. Columns can be moved to any order with click on Select Column and dragging anywhere wanted. Words listed here are from various Istrian dialects spoken in different parts of Istria. Many originated from Italian and others mostly from Slavic languages.

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Rumanian language Vlach words spoken in some parts in Istria are not listed here because Istro-Rumanian is considered a language in its own right. Biljeka: Istarski je od mnogih i u Hrvatskoj smatran kao dijalekt hrvatskog jezika.

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Rijei ovdje upisane su iz raznih dijalekata govorenih u raznim krajevima istre. Mnoge potjeu od talijanskog a i drugih najvie slavenskih jezika.

Fito spray pour la perte de poids acheter à prix réduit à Marseille It is accessible to administrators and can be undeleted following a mistaken deletion or a discussion at Wikipedia:Deletion review. It can also be used as an ingredient in the manufacture of cookies, cakes, and ice cream International Centre for Underutilized Crops, UK, If textbooks were all written like this, more people would actually learn something in school. I really enjoyed reading it, you will be a great author. I will make sure to bookmark your blog and definitely will come back down the road.

Rumunjske vlake rijei govorene u nekim dijelovima istre ovdje nisu upisane jer se Istro-rumunjski smatra posebnim jezikom. Nota: LIstriano da molti in Croazia estesamente considerata un dialetto della lingua Croata. Parole elencate qui provengono da diversi dialetti Istriani parlati in differenti parti dellIstria.

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Molte parole provengono dall Italiano ed altre dalle lingue slave. Parole provenienti dalla lingua rumena Vlach usate in alcune parti dell Istria non sono elencate qui perch lIstro-rumeno e considerata una lingua in se stessa.

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