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Haru's family enjoy a hike and a great feast eating a new type of chicken soup. The Jang brothers enjoy horse riding and a seafood feast with Hyunsung's friends.

wjsn seola perte de poids

Sarang and Sunghoon search for their ancestral home in Jeju-do, then have a mega barbecue feast with Shiho when she arrives in Jeju-do. Hwijae and the twins prepare for their 1st birthday party. The next day, each family goes on their own adventure. Haru's family goes horse riding and eats a unique type of seafood instant noodles.

The Jang brothers go hang gliding and swimming.

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Sarang's family go to pick dekopon and go in search of a dol hareubang. The twins enjoy a date at the soccer stadium and later visits their dad's friend Heo Su-gyeong's home, where Seoeon shows his Casanova personality when he chases Su-gyeong's, 7 year old daughter Byeol around her house. Look forward to their first 48 hours without mom. Former baseball player Yang Junhyeok visits Hwijae and he does a great job in taking care of the twins. Sarang practices a birthday song to celebrate her grandpa's birthday.

Also he visits Sarang's house in Tokyo and gets a health examination done for the first time in his life. UV visits Tablo to create a children's song. The Jang brothers seem to be going through puberty and becoming more rebellious, so Hyunsung takes them for a counseling session.

wjsn seola perte de poids

S member Shoo, who is the mother of twin girls that are the same age as Seoeon and Seojun. The 2 sets of twins enjoy a fun day together.

Haru rides the Tayo bus, where Tablo takes her to an antique market.

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Sarang goes on a date with her grandpa. She follows everything he does. Junu and Junseo do a role play to understand each other's position. Later actress Goo Hye Sun visits the Jang's and brings her dog to help the boys overcome their fears of dogs. Yakkung goes on an outing with Jungtae to the largest street market in Busan where they sample delicious street food. Yakkung also realizes how popular he is with the locals. Later Jungtae brings Yakkung to his old neighborhood to see the house he use to live in.

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Seoeon continues to flirt with the twin sisters and has a stare down with their older brother Yu. Yakkung goes to get a haircut wjsn seola perte de poids he gets so scared that he wails in the hair salon. Later his friend Jimin comes over. The Choovely family have gathered to celebrate Sunghoon's father's birthday.

Shiho prepares Korean food for him and Sunghoon's sister Jeonghwa visits. Tablo takes Haru to where his childhood memories lie.

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There, he reminisces of his good old days. He also takes Haru to the recording studio, where she meets Chinese singer Bibi Zhou.

wjsn seola perte de poids

Hyunsung cooks and prepares a birthday meal for his father-in-law's birthday. When making Epik High fan posters, Haru gets mad at her mom for using the pink marker and throws a tantrum, Hyejung gets mad and scolds at Haru. Sarang continues with learning the Korean language. Later Sunghoon takes her to the doctors for a check up, but because of past frightening experiences at the doctor Sarang refuses to cooperate.

Jungtae takes Yakkung to a hula dance class. Yakkung takes an immediate liking to it and is eager to learn the hula dance. Hwijae and the twins go visit his parents.

Seoeon shows his grandmother that he can walk on his own. Seojun gives a surprise reaction when his grandmother feeds him yogurt. Haru gets to meet G-Dragon again. Jungtae and Yakkung visits a farm with Kim Daehee and his three daughters. Daehee's youngest daughter seems to fancy Yakkung but he likes the middle daughter who is a few years older than him. Junu and Junseo meet Akdong Musician and learn their dance. The twins' older cousin David pays a visit. While playing with the twins, Hwijae gets surprised that Seojun can understand him and walk on his own.

Later his friend Hyeon-cheol visits his home to learn how to take care of kids. Haru and her family are still in Osaka, Japan. Sunghoon tries to get Sarang interested in gymnastics.

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She seems to enjoy it when an instructure visits their home but wjsn seola perte de poids they go to Daisuke's gymnastics class she doesn't seem interested. Jungtae, Yakkung and Daehee's family are still enjoying their trip at the farm.

They enjoy a nice outdoor lunch and horse back riding.

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The Jang family goes to Seoul's Chinatown to enjoy a delicious Chinese lunch. The twins can finally walk on their own now. Hwijae makes a strawberry cake from scratch for his mother-in-law's birthday.

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Seojun's look-a-like Kim Jun-hyun shows up at his home to get to know him. Tablo and Hyejung's former dog Heendoongi comes to visit them for a day. Haru wants to get friendly with Heendoongi, but Heendoongi doesn't seem to like her.

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Yakkung attends a ballet dance class, later he and Jungtae goes to his mom's university to pick her up. Hyunsung and Junseo make preparations for Junu's birthday party. Tablo and Haru go to the Jang's home later to help Junu celebrate his birthday.

wjsn seola perte de poids

Jungtae and Yakkung bid their farewell as this was wjsn seola perte de poids last episode. The 3 explore the theme park together and finally get to meet Mickey Mouse.

wjsn seola perte de poids

The next day Sunghoon brings Sarang to a farm to see live animals. Seojun and his look-a-like Kim Jun-hyun are getting close. Kim Jun-hyun invites his friend and Gag Concert co-star Yu Min-sang over to have a fun afternoon with the twins.

Hwijae later brings the twins with him for an eye examination. Haru and Tablo have a sleepover at the Jang's home, the next day all of them head off to a forest outing together. The twins have another fight and Seojun stands up to Seoeon. Yunjeong and Kyungwan meet up with Hwijae and the twins to get parenting advice. Sarang gets to milk a live cow and makes ice cream with her dad. Later she and her mom have a dress up fashion show for Sunghoon.

The Jang's head to a mountain spring and reflect their time on the show. The Jang's bid their goodbyes as they exit the show. New "Superman" Song Il-gook and his triplet sons introduce themselves. He takes care of his 3 rambunctious boys and takes them out for a bike ride to the park.

Yunjeong looks through baby pictures of Kyungwan and old pictures of her in-laws. Later they head to a baby shop to prepare items for the birth of their child.

Hwijae invites Shoo and her twin girls over to his home. He and his wife offer to look after the girls so Shoo can have a relaxing day. Sunghoon and Sarang go to Osaka, Japan to visit his parents.

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Sarang has a judo match with her grandfather. Haru's friend comes to her home. They have a fun day karaoking. Sarang goes shopping for swimwear with her grandparents and sees her grandfather's romantic side towards her grandmother. Sunghoon coaches judo to students. Haru attends a brûler la graisse latérale play group and later goes bare hand fishing with her dad.

Ilgook takes the triplets out to an enjoyable buffet lunch. Later at home he tries to teach them to play soccer. Yunjeong finally gives birth to her son with an emotional Kyungwan by her side. Later Hwijae brings the twins to the mega market, Seojun is excited to explore the market and starts to wander around store.

Haru and her dad are still at their farm visit. She plays with ducks and has a lunch made from the fishes she caught. Sarang goes swimming with her dad and grandparents, later she celebrates her grandmother's birthday with the rest of her family. Ilgook takes the triplets to the mega market and their daycare.

Time and time again Manse testes his dad's patience when he refuses to obey. Yunjeong and Kyungwan can't get enough of their newborn son, they constantly admire him and have a photoshoot for him. Guest stars: Choi Hong-man.

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