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Artificial Intelligence that can run a simulation faithful to physical laws Researchers have successfully developed technology to simulate phenomena for which the detailed mechanism or formula are unexplained.

They did this by using AI to create a model, which is faithful to the laws of physics, from observational data. This technology will hopefully enable these kinds of phenomena e. Vendredi, 18 décembre De: Sciencedaily Dernière modification: Vendredi, 1 janvier, - Article complet à lire: Ici Compressive fluctuations heat ions in space plasma New simulations carried out in part on the ATERUI II supercomputer in Japan have found that the reason ions exist at higher temperatures than electrons in space plasma is because they are better able to absorb energy from compressive turbulent fluctuations in the plasma.

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These finding have important implications for understanding observations of various astronomical objects such as the images of the accretion disk and shadow of the M87 supermassive black hole. Vendredi, 18 décembre De: Sciencedaily Dernière modification: Vendredi, 1 janvier, - Article complet à lire: Ici Social holidays perte de poids overall well-being Social holidays improve holiday makers' overall satisfaction with life, as well as satisfaction with the quantity and quality of their leisure time, and social life, according to a new study.

The study analyzed the effect of social holidays on holiday makers' subjective well-being and experience of inclusion. But one thing the company did get correct or at least more correct, more quickly than other counterparts in cable and TV was that streaming was the future.

Most cable TV companies refused to fully embrace streaming, worried they'd cannibalize existing traditional cable revenue and thinking they could milk a dying cash cow forever. It's obviously a necessary response to an unprecedented threat, and it comes with some caveats. One, it's only a one-year trial. Two, movies will still hit theaters.

Three, you'll probably pay more for home viewing than is sensible. It's likely a temporary shift in tactics that's geared as much toward goosing lagging HBO Max subscriptions as it is public safety. For a company that's struggling to keep pace with the likes of Amazon, Disney, and Netflix, that's not exactly what you want to hear.

Their decision makes no economic sense and even the most casual Wall Street investor can see the difference between disruption and dysfunction.

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Hollywood has long despised any attempt to disrupt the traditional movie release window, despite the fact it's an antiquated construct that doesn't make a whole lot of sense during the broadband and streaming era. This is not an industry that takes change or disruption particularly well, and that's pretty well evident here.

But it would be a mistake to perte de poids this is entirely just Hollywood being afraid of change, and Nolan's not entirely wrong. And while it tries to hire competent entertainment-sector executives like Warner Brothers Chief executive Jason Kilar those executives will, sooner or later, run up against rigid-minded executives from a government-pampered telecom monopoly that don't really understand or care to understand how creative ventures work.

Vendredi, 18 décembre De: Techdirt Easily digestible tech news Dernière modification: Vendredi, 1 janvier, - Article complet à lire: Ici New Scientist spoke with Rosamund Kissi-Debrah to hear what she thought of the inquest that found air pollution had contributed to her daughter Ella's death, and what should happen next Vendredi, 18 décembre De: New Scientist New Scientist - Home Dernière modification: Article complet à lire: Ici AI controlled a US military aircraft for the first time As much as the US military relies on drones to bolster its aerial arsenal, it has still relied on human operators to guide its aircraft — until now.

Air Force Assistant Secretary Dr. Vendredi, 18 décembre De: Engadget Dernière modification: Article complet à lire: Ici Rockset reaches for low-code to broaden appeal of its real-time analytics database DBMS for dummies Rockset, the company behind the indexing-obsessed database of the same name, has confirmed integration with Retool, a low-code platform with the aim of helping businesses build data-hungry internal applications.

The vast majority -- 80 percent -- of these 40 chosen ones were located in the US. These figures were provided in an update from Microsoft President Brad Smith. Smith also shared some insightful and sobering commentary on the significance of this almost unprecedented attack.

His numbers are incomplete, since Microsoft sees only what its Windows Defender app detects. Still, Microsoft sees a lot, so any difference with actual numbers is likely a rounding error.

Smith said: It's critical that we step back and assess the significance of these attacks in their full context. This is not "espionage as usual," even in the digital age.

Instead, it represents an act of recklessness that created a serious technological vulnerability perte de poids the United States and the world. In effect, this is not just an attack on specific targets, but on the trust and reliability of the world's critical infrastructure in order to advance one nation's intelligence agency. While the most recent attack appears to reflect a particular focus on the United States and many other democracies, it also provides a powerful reminder that people in virtually every country are at risk and need protection irrespective of the governments they live under.

Left 4 Dead had a different idea: take the fun of a solidly scripted single-player battle against AI zombies, then make it crazier with squadmates and randomness. In every mission, your team of four had to traverse a linear, apocalyptic series of levels, pre-constructed with paths and cinematic events but remixed for each playthrough with new enemy and item configurations.

Entire co-op subgenres have emerged in the 12 years since L4D's launch, but few have aped its exact structure with the obvious exception of 's Left lavement perte de graisse Dead 2. Hence, the most obvious selling point for this week's gameplay reveal of co-op shooter Back 4 Bloodslated to launch Juneis simple: the L4D formula is back, and it's coming from a team that co-created the original.

But is that good enough?

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Vendredi, 18 décembre De: Arstechnica Serving the Technologist for more perte de poids a decade. IT news, reviews, and analysis. Dernière modification: Vendredi, 1 janvier, - Article complet à lire: Ici Common swifts zoom around at almost 70mph, may sleep while in flight -- Read more on ScientificAmerican.

C'est beau comme du apiguide. S'embêter autant et perdre de l'argent pour de l'aération dans les pupitres :wub:. C'est sans doute fait à la main par de vrais enfants artistes du fer à souder dans un environnement de travail épanouissant.

Vendredi, 18 décembre De: Sciencedaily Dernière modification: Vendredi, 1 janvier, - Article complet à lire: Ici Individuals with high ADHD-traits that do not meet the criteria for a diagnosis are less able to perform tasks involving attentional regulation or emotional control after a sleepless night than individuals with low ADHD-traits, a new study reports. Vendredi, 18 décembre De: Sciencedaily Dernière modification: Vendredi, 1 janvier, - Article complet à lire: Ici A new study found that moderate temperature increases on glass surfaces broke down SARS-CoV-2 virus-like particles structure, while humidity had very little impact.

The findings suggest that as temperatures begin to drop, particles on surfaces will remain infectious longer. Vendredi, 18 décembre De: Sciencedaily Dernière modification: Vendredi, 1 janvier, - Article complet à lire: Ici New research describes a bizarre 66 million-year-old mammal that provides profound new insights into the evolutionary history of mammals from the southern supercontinent Gondwana - recognized today as Africa, South America, Australia, Antarctica, the Indian subcontinent, and the Arabian Peninsula.

Vendredi, 18 décembre De: Sciencedaily Dernière modification: Vendredi, 1 janvier, - Article complet à lire: Ici Machine intelligence accelerates research into mapping brains Scientists have used machine intelligence to improve the accuracy and reliability of a powerful brain-mapping technique, a new study reports.

Their development gives researchers more confidence in using the technique to untangle the human brain's wiring and to better understand the changes in this wiring that accompany neurological or mental disorders such as Parkinson's or Alzheimer's disease.

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Vendredi, 18 décembre De: Sciencedaily Dernière modification: Vendredi, 1 janvier, - Article complet à lire: Ici The first cell atlas of an important life stage of Schistosoma mansoni, a parasitic worm that poses a risk to hundreds of millions of people each year, has been developed. Off he went with a Trumpety-Trump.

Trump, Trump, Trump. It's all we've heard for the past four years, and if the pandemic has done an iota of good, it's to have wrested some of the news agenda off the United States' lunatic ex-president. CSIRO-affiliated company Future Feed said it would use its Food Planet Prize winnings to create an international commercial fund to help First Nations communities generate income from cultivating and selling the seaweed. Methane emissions from livestock make up around 15 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions, and one cow produces on average as much gas emission as one car.

Future Feed director and CSIRO scientist Michael Battaglia said that when added to cattle feed, the product, which contains Australian "super seaweed" Asparagopsis, virtually eliminated methane from the animals' bodily emissions. High-G crashes aren't necessarily common in the sport, but they perte de poids once or twice a year and, thanks to rigorous design and testing, are highly survivable.

An F1 car bursting perte de poids flames is a much rarer event—Grosjean's fiery crash is the first for over 30 years, and the perte de poids of flames strikes a kind of primal perte de poids, bringing to mind drivers like Roger Williamson and Niki Lauda. Just about everyone who straps into a racing car—regardless of discipline or series—does so wearing layers of a synthetic fabric called Nomex. It was designed in the late s for DuPont by scientist Wilfred Sweeney, and DuPont has manufactured Nomex commercially for a little over half a century.

The material's introduction to the world of motorsport began inwhen racing driver and safety advocate Bill Simpson met astronaut Pete Conrad, who introduced him to Nomex.

The following year, Simpson's company supplied Nomex overalls to all but three drivers in that year's Indianapolis Fire protection for drivers has come a long way in 53 years, and I got in touch with Yves Bader, development manager of mechanical protection and consumer apparel at DuPont, as well as Joe Foster, industry vertical manager automotive at the company, to find out how today's fireproof fabrics have evolved since those early days.

That's an inflation-adjusted decline of 13 percent since The latest figures continue the astonishing progress in battery technology over the last decade, with pack prices declining 88 percent since Large, affordable batteries will be essential to weaning the global economy off fossil fuels.

Lithium-ion batteries are the key enabling technology for electric vehicles. They're also needed to smooth out the intermittent power generated by windmills and solar panels.

But until recently, batteries were simply too expensive for these applications to make financial sense without mandates and subsidies. Now, that calculus is becoming less and less true.

That's roughly the level necessary for BEVs to be price-competitive with conventional cars without subsidies. Given that electric vehicles are cheap to charge and will likely éruption cutanée de perte de poids sur la poitrine less maintenance than a conventional car, they will be an increasingly compelling option over the next decade.

Dernière modification: Vendredi, 1 janvier, - Article complet à lire: Ici Dodgy procedures doomed Arianespace's Vega before it even left the launchpad Misleading processes and inadequate testing caused an inversion of steering, officer ESA has published its report into the loss perte de poids the Vega VV17 mission and said the screwup was due to an "inversion of electrical connections" during integration.

Intrigué de voir à quoi pouvait ressembler au XXIème siècle le paradis balnéaire hippie des années etBrice prend son billet. Et débarque pile pendant la période de Noël.

Il finira par y retourner en et Le reste du travail de Brice Dossin est à voir sur son site ou sur sa page Instagram. Normalement, vos cousines qui font des Excel pour réguler tutoriels de perte de poids leurs vies ont déjà fini leurs achats de Noël depuis le 16 novembre.

Un beau soutiens à la culture. Qui achète encore des vinyles chez UO? Puis, en vrai, qui voudrait écouter Britney perte de poids Vinyle, en ?

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À moins que vous ne viviez dans une grotte sans wifi, parce que vous flippez de la 5G par exemple, vous ne pouvez pas être passés à coté des derniers rebondissements de la vie personnelle de cette pauvre âme. Vu le nombre de pétitions et appels des fans à boycotter ce morceau : il risque fort de se retrouver dans les bacs soldés très prochainement, autant attendre ce moment-là plutôt que de dépenser 17 balles pour un morceau.

Comme plein de frontières sont fermées à cause de ce satané virus et que les compagnies aériennes ne veulent pas arrêter de polluer, des génies de l'aéronautique ont eu une brillante idée : proposer des vols où les décollages et atterrissages ont lieux depuis le même aéroport. Une place pour un spectacle de mentaliste en ligne sources : zoom. À part peut-être les apéro-zoom du premier confinement.

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