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perte de poids chatham ontario

The office of Jill Dunlop, Associate Minister of Children and Women's Issues, confirmed to The Pointer that the wheels are in motion to facilitate an operational review.

Since receiving a copy of the report, the ministry has been working closely with the society to understand their plans to address these concerns.

perte de poids chatham ontario

Recent findings of widespread anti-Black racism were particularly disturbing for an organization that in was duty-bound to look after a large number of Black children — 39 out of children in care at Peel CAS were Black, according to data provided by the organization in December.

In the union report, staff describe a divide between management and leadership.

Employees asked to not be identified. The lack of concern around these potentially destructive biases raised questions about whether the agency is aware of best practices in the sector to minimize the potentially harmful impact of systemic, institutionalized stereotypes and other attitudes entrenched within referring organizations.

A failure to root out referrals based on racial prejudice lands hardest on Black frontline staff, employees told The Pointer in December. Unable to decline work from a manager, they find themselves aligned with police or principals in a situation they may not think merits child-protection services.

perte de poids chatham ontario

Without open communication between managers and frontline workers — a professional environment perte de poids chatham ontario everyone feels they can speak their mind — staff can find themselves stuck. But we are aligned with the same processes that oppress them. The alarming union report was produced after a series of conversations facilitated by Breakthrough Counselling and Wellness, which focused on the experiences of Black staff.

Concerns raised by staff during those meetings were aggregated and compiled, alongside recommendations and analysis to complete the report. The recommendations in the CUPE report were wide-ranging and included an audit of the organization by a third party, a review that would go beyond the interviews undertaken by Breakthrough Counselling and Wellness.

Unable to come to a solution together, and with little trust on either side, the Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services will now step in. The government will appoint a third party to review Peel CAS for workplace issues, policies and practices that may contribute to systemic racism within the organization. It will also assess if Peel CAS remains in compliance with its legislated duties to children in the region.

She did not allude to the serious concerns about senior leadership raised by staff and echoed by the Province. When the union work around issues of systemic discrimination was launched, Bains and senior staff at Peel CAS said they were also launching their own review, and claimed their move was done independently and proactively.

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But he could not name any. He acknowledged systemic issues that needed to be addressed without offering a detailed understanding or explicit plans to address the situation. Staff told The Pointer late last year that a number of progressive actions by former employee Kike Ojo-Thompson, who spearheaded a range of effective initiatives to eradicate systemic barriers, were sidelined by Bains shortly after she left the organization in In December, some members of CUPE expressed concern Peel CAS was trying to also sideline their report by commissioning a more favourable investigation of their own.

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Achievements were lauded alongside an acceptance that work is incomplete. Bains defended dissolving the committee and suspending the allyship programs, which Peel CAS has promised to bring back. Now, the Province is stepping in.

Charges laid to organizer of Chatham-Kent Freedom Group

But concerns have already been expressed about who will do the third-party review under the guidance of the ministry. A spokesperson for Peel CAS did not respond to specific questions, including who requested the external review, if a vendor had been selected or how long they expect the process to take.


This is key to meaningful, sustainable change. Ensuring all voices are heard is critical to an open and transparent process. A final decision on which organization will complete the review has not been made.

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One organization already armed with experience in this area is Agree Incorporated, the group that completed a review of York CAS at the end of The review, announced after significant public backlash over reports detailing widespread problems within York CAS, came to several damning conclusions.

The review of York CAS was conducted over roughly three months. The process was announced by the ministry on July 31 and then a vendor was selected, with Agree Inc. Email: isaac.

China approves two more domestic COVID vaccines for public use China's medical products regulator said on Thursday that it had approved two more COVID vaccines for public use, raising the number of domestically produced vaccines that can be used in China to four. They join a vaccine from Sinovac Biotech approved earlier this month, and another from Sinopharm's Beijing unit approved last year. The office of Jill Dunlop, Associate Minister of Children and Women's Issues, confirmed to The Pointer that the wheels are in motion to facilitate an operational review. Since receiving a copy of the report, the ministry has been working closely with the society to understand their plans to address these concerns.

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Isaac Callan, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Pointer 22 hours ago Gander chamber of commerce pushing feds for airport support Many people in Gander want to see its air connectivity to the rest of the country restored. Since the start perte de poids chatham ontario the pandemic, airlines have pulled several flights from the Gander International Airport, further isolating the central Newfoundland region through a lack of air support.

On Jan. That followed a pair of similar announcements earlier in the summer.

perte de poids chatham ontario

That lack of connection has had a ripple effect perte de poids chatham ontario businesses and people around the region. With that in mind, the chamber recently created a petition to be sent to the House of Commons in Ottawa with the airport as its focus.

The group hopes to draw even more attention to the plight of airlines in the country, with particular focus on what a lack of flights to and from central Newfoundland means for the region. The chamber is calling for the federal government to provide financial assistance to airlines in Canada, which is dependent on helping to re-establish national air service to airports like the Gander International Airport.

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It also calls for an effort to ensure Gander is re-connected to the mainland, thus lessening the economic impact on the area. Slowly, the petition has been garnering support online.

Since it was launched on Feb.

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