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So let's just start with the basics. What is a ketone? A ketone is not a fat.

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It's not a perdre du poids dr berg. It's not a protein.

Et vous? Si la réponse est oui, ça ne sera forcément plus le cas à la fin de cet article. Comprenez-vous la différence?

It's kind of a combination or it has characteristics of both a fat and a carbohydrate, but it's not either. It comes from fat but a ketone. An alternative fuel source and the way that you get ketones is you simply lower your carbohydrates in your diet or you reduce the frequency of eating and this is why we recommend a low carb diet with intermittent fasting and that way you can maximize your ability to make ketones ketones have many advantages versus regular glucose fuel number one.

It will increase your oxygen in your body number two it. Increases your energy number three it supports the brain. In fact, your brain prefers ketones over glucose same thing with the heart. If your heart is damaged or your brain is damaged.

Ketones are the answer and they can bypass the mechanical damage pathways and feed the tissues directly. Most of the body tissues can run in ketones, but some parts need glucose and this is the confusion that. People have they think they need to consume glucose to get glucose. Now there's something called glucose. Glucose neo neurogenesis The creation of your body can make glucose if it needs it from fat ketones proteins, you don't need to consume carbohydrates to get glucose.

Now it does take time to turn the fat into ketones. It's gonna take between three. To 5 days it all depends on how damaged insulin is in your body. How damaged your pancreas is if you are a pre diabetic. If you are a diabetic. If you have insulin resistance, it's gonna take longer and longer to adapt.

But by lowering the carbs and going in intermittent fasting, you'll get there a lot faster that explains how to get into ketosis you lower the carb and you lower the frequency of eating now.

Why would you wanna do ketosis? What is the big benefit of doing? Well, you're gonna lower insulin and most people have high insulin rarely does your doctor ever test you for insulin? They'll test you for glucose but not insulin. The test that you would wanna do is vomir du poids perdre Hoa Dash IR, and that will pick this up too much insulin causes insulin resistance insulin resistance is behind pre-diabetes.

Insulin resistance is behind metabolic syndrome, high blood pressure uh fat in the gut area right through here and pre-diabetes leads to diabetes.

So in reality diabetes stems from high levels of insulin at certain point and so keto and intermittent fasting will lower insulin and that is the big benefit of doing this. There's a lot of other benefits too. You can reduce fat in your perdre du poids dr berg.

You can improve your cognitive. Performance You can improve your mood. You can help decrease blood pressure decrease inflammation, improve your energy and decrease your belly fat, but the real big benefit that allows you to do this eating plan is your hunger goes away.

Okay without being hungry all the time it makes it really easy to do long term as a healthy lifestyle, and there's even additional benefit. If you're doing intermittent fasting, that's autophagy basically with this. Is it's a recycling of garbage in your tissues, so all the damage protein the protein that your body doesn't need.

It's clogging everything up.

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Guess what your body will recycle that and turn it into new amino acids. That's one of the big uh things about autophagy to do this. You have to fast at least for 18 hours so the combination of keto and I work very nicely together because if you just do. Keto without intermittent fasting in your perdre du poids dr berg to slow you may not achieve your weight loss goal or your goals perdre du poids dr berg it would take a very long time and sometimes it's not gonna work why because the frequency of eating in general will trigger insulin.

Alright, then you have this concept of a healthy keto plan versus dirty keto. Of course, we recommend the healthy keto and this basically is higher quality ingredients.

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Grass-fed wild caught pasture-raised versus conventional type foods right here with healthy keto. You're really just focused on keeping your carbs low.

La diète cetogene pour perdre du poids, ça fonctionne exactement comme n'importe quel autre régime : il faut un déficit calorique.

Um when you do healthy keto, you end up looking a lot better than doing the dirty keto. Alright, The rule of thumb is don't eat unless you have hungry.

Okay unless you have the sensation of being hungry when you're doing. Healthy version of keto and you're doing enough leafy greens and vegetables. You're not only gonna be full but you're gonna be satisfied now. The fat looks like a lot, but realize fat is basically double the calories of other macronutrients. This to keep it really simple half the plate vegetables.

Nutrition & Régime Vidéos : Les bases du kéto sain du Dr. Berg: COMMENCEZ ICI

That's what it should look like the benefit of the vegetables are the vitamin C the minerals other nutrients and phytonutrients Okay. I'm going through this really fast, but I'm just giving you a summary uh in the next few videos which I'm gonna put a link down below. I'm gonna talk more about exactly what to eat when you're eating, but I wanted to give you the simple overview. Of all the most important things so now, let's just put it all together.

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If you keep your carbs low, you're not gonna be hungry. So don't eat in the morning. You can do coffee or tea. Within a six-hour window that will give you an 18 hour fast now, what's really magical about 18 hours is that's when the autophagy starts so you start getting some really cool benefits.

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The way you're gonna avoid snacking between the meals is you're gonna add a little more fat with this meal and this meal to be able to go longer. And aide ta copine à perdre du poids as you start doing it and becoming more adapted you can kinda cut back. On some of the fat because you're gonna be burning your own fat in your own fat is the healthiest fat that you can burn, but the key is this 18 hour fast right here if you have to snack within your eating window fine if you need to do that, but we don't wanna snack after the dinner all the way to the next uh first meal you can drink fluids.

You wanna take electrolytes and B vitamins for sure and sea salt. That's a necessity, but we recommend you don't eat anything the common foods that are really good. Focus on would be pasture-raised eggs Okay Organic if all possible, shellfish fish sardines meats organic cheese Now a lot of people don't do well in cheese has a lot of hormones. It's not good for people with prostate issues.

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It's not good with people that have allergies so some people do not do well in cheese. Personally, I do a small amount of cheese and if I'm gonna consume cheese, it has to be grass fed organic uh I usually get European. And I don't have a tremendous amount, but you can overdo it with cheese olives. That's a must avocados. Okay, as well as spinach.

So I avoid those if you're prone to kidney stones. Also seeds like sunflower seeds. Perfect on a ketogenic plan. Alright here you have it The basic ketogenic plan for beginners so if.

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