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The construction industry has to be prepared for upcoming changes concerning sustainable buildings.

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The focus of this research and development is on holistic solutions for constructions in steel and concrete, structural engineering and fire design. Research in Composite Structure The research intends to further evaluate the basics for load bearing and deformation behavior of composite structures in steel and concrete. In particular, the research findings will contribute to the development of new methods for redundant, robust and "smart" load-bearing structures and promote innovative structures to increase safety, sustainability and resource efficiency in construction.

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The investigation contains among others the development of efficient structural elements such as hybrid and composite systems as well as dismountable and re-usable structural elements. The advantages of slim-constructions with large spans are in the economy of this structures, reduction in the demand for building materials, to gain floor space and reduction of the building volume as well as the impact of maintenance costs.

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The demand of fire resistance is always directly linked to steel and composite structures. The fire engineering is often essential for structural design.

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Especially kommentare zu eco slim steel and composite structures, this investigation becomes more important because of newer global fire concepts for buildings. These engineering methods give new possibilities and avoid expensive fire protection measures.

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The research is based on the determination of design procedures for structural components in case of fire. Research in Construction Methods The decision to realize a project through a certain type of construction steel, concrete, composite, prefabrication etc. Often the execution method becomes a key-role in the decision-making process.

The execution on building site is closely connected to the economy of the construction. Also, a reliable construction schedule is essential for the successful operation of a building site.

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The reduction of the total consumption levels through eco-innovation in the construction sector is becoming more and more a priority. There is a great potential to improve recycling and to reach next higher level, the entire re-use of construction components.

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The demand for high flexibility, re-usability and resource-efficient construction orient the research into the development of modular and dismountable structural elements. Thereby new types of prefabricated hybrid elements in the steel-concrete composite will be explored to realize slim and resource-efficient components for slabs in multi-storey buildings, allowing large spans.

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The Eurocodes EN — EN enables the design of the building and civil engineering works and comprise ten standards in 58 parts. When they were published, prior tothe first generation of EN Eurocodes was the most comprehensive and technically advanced standards for structural and geotechnical design in the world.

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Their development was a tremendous achievement and represented the culmination of over 30 years of collaborative effort. Their impact has been considerable. It has been estimated that they affect the work of around professional engineers across Europe. The application of Eurocode has been expanding all over the world so that its significance as a worldwide standard work become more and more important.

Actually, the CEN defined project teams for the development kommentare zu eco slim the second generation of the European standards.

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This project lasts three years and is realized under special consideration of the Eurocode 2 reinforced concrete and Eurocode 4 composite structures by professors and students of the cooperating institutions. The start of the project was in autumn Since the end of the department of civil engineering of the University of Applied Sciences Trier HS Trier is also actively participating in the project.

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Schäfers responsibility: Analysis and Comparison of different construction methods, schedule, logistics, resources etc. Development of self-supporting formwork system to realize full or partial encased composite beams Dr.

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