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Stal, C. Several relicts, such as important industrial buildings or sites, are spread over a large area and are still dominating the current landscape. Some of these remnants are preserved as monuments, representing the industrial, cultural and ecological transition of the region during the last two centuries.

The four recognised mining sites together form a strip of about km long, containing important examples of the so-called 'neo classical architecture' from the early periods of the industrial era in continental Europe.

Motivated by this recognition and by the huge touristic and educational potential of the sites, a partnership between the Walloon government and Ghent University was organized.

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In this first stage, the collaboration focuses on the site of Bois-du-Luc in the municipality of La Louvière, containing a large series of dwellings, several equipments built between and by the Société des Jorie perte de poids Oak Brook illinois du Bois-du-Luc, workshops and heaps. Consisting of numerous buildings dating back to the period between andthis site is one of Europe's oldest collieries.

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The collaboration between the Walloon government and Ghent University - Department of Geography fits in the hands-on training which students in land surveying and geomatics receive during their Bachelor studies. For the students it is very interesting that their practical exercises are not limited to the university campus, but that they are involved in a real measurement campaign.

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The project consists of a series of intensive land surveying campaigns, resulting in highly detailed and accurate PubMed Boy, John D The axial age debate has put big questions of social and cultural change back on the agenda of sociology.

This paper takes this development as an occasion to reflect on how social thought works with and against nineteenth-century intellectual traditions in its efforts to understand history on a macro scale.

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Karl Jaspers, who initially formulated the axial age thesis in The Origin and Goal of Historyrevised the Hegelian account of world history by broadening the scope of the narrative to encompass all civilizations participating in the events of the first millennium BCE that saw the rise of major philosophical and religious traditions.

However, his account, like the earlier philosophical accounts he seeks to improve upon, privileges cognitive developments over material practices and social interactions, and as such offers little to those seeking to make sense of how cultural patterns interact with others and spread.

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Here another social theorist engaging with Hegel, W. Du Bois, provides a helpful contrast. His account of the development of double-consciousness in "Of Our Spiritual Strivings," the opening chapter of The Souls of Black Folkhelps us to understand experiences of encounter and the perduring historical effects they may have.

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Du Bois' relational theory reminds us of the importance of unpacking abstractions and understanding processes in terms of social interactions.

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