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Cummings, Michael A; Proctor, George J; Stahl, Stephen M Tardive dyskinesia remains a significant, potentially stigmatizing or crippling adverse effect for any patient treated with an antipsychotic medication. While second- and third-generation antipsychotics have exhibited lower annual incidence rates for tardive dyskinesia than classic or first-generation agents, 3.

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When coupled with the fact that second- and third-generation antipsychotic medications have come to be employed in treating a wider range of disorders e. On April 3,the U. Longer use in a broader range of patients, however, will be required to identify risks and benefits not found in short-term trials, as well as optimal use parameters for treatment of tardive dyskinesia.

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While the overall risk of developing TD is lower with newer antipsychotics compared to older agents, a significant number of patients who require long-term treatment will develop TD. Recently, valbenazine brand name Ingrezza became the first drug to be approved by the FDA specifically for the treatment of TD.

In this New Drug Review, we summarize the basic pharmacology and clinical trial results for valbenazine. Valbenazine is a modified metabolite of the vesicular monoamine transporter 2 VMAT-2 inhibitor tetrabenazine, which is approved for the treatment of the hyperkinetic movement disorder, Huntington's disease.

Compared to tetrabenazine, valbenazine has better clinical characteristics i.

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However, only long-term experience in routine clinical populations can delineate valbenazine's full benefits, optimal dosing, and risks not identified during short-term registration trials.

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