Examen des sucettes de perte de poids power pops

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Which of TV's "Angels" went on to star in a Bond film? Fiona Fullerton. Freddie Mills. Did Elvis Presley have a fear of travelling on trains? The frog marries the mouse.

The Addams Family.

examen des sucettes de perte de poids power pops

What TV cartoon dog wore a star on his chest? Deputy Dawg.

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Which vocalist had his first hit in with "Gasoline Alley"? Rod Stewart.

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What is the name of Richard Baker's classical music programme on Radio 4? Baker's Dozen. Where is the boy, and what is he doing?

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He's under the haystack, fast asleep. What name did dancer Dora Angela Duncan use professionally? Isadora Duncan. Dressed To Kill.

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Who played the part of the Ringo Kid in the original "Stagecoach" film? John Wayne.

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Is this, from "Fiddler on the Roof", inspired by a wedding or a sunset? A wedding. What cartoon comic hero shoots a web out of his wrist? What event caused television sales to rocket in ? The Coronation.

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What is the name of Cliff Barnes' oil company? What English couple were the first husband and wife to have each won an Oscar? Laurence Olivier and Vivien Leigh. What was Presley on leave from when he recorded this song? The US army.

What was the sequel to " A Space Odyssey"? How did Mark Grayson supposedly die in a episode of "Dallas"? In a plane crash.

What soap opera featured the character Constance Mackenzie? Peyton Place. Who was the star of Résultats de la perte de graisse ghrp-6 Examen des sucettes de perte de poids power pops Who got to No. Tom O'Connor. Who "monkeys around" on Skull Island? King Kong. Any Which Way You Can. What colour are Brooke Shields eyes? What group lost three members that went on to form Heaven 17?

examen des sucettes de perte de poids power pops

The Human League. Which famous TV horseman was played by Clayton Moore? The Lone Ranger. What age was terminal in the film "Logan's Run"? What is the prime minister's name in "Yes Prime Minister"?

Jim Hacker.

Bruce Springsteen's. What was the name of Marc Bolan's telegram man? What British made film musical was released in April ? Absolute Beginners. Bing Crosby. What film did Barbra Streisand direct, produce, co-write and star in? What pop star took Dick James to court in over a royalty dispute, and won?

Elton John. What city's police force employed Dirty Harry? San Francisco's. How many decades of broadcasting did the BBC celebrate in ?

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Which star of "Hi-de-Hi" spent 20 years of his life as a stand-up comedian in clubs? Paul Shane.

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Which one of the Python team appeared in "Jabberwocky"? Michael Palin. What black British comedian shares a birthday with American's Michael Jackson?

examen des sucettes de perte de poids power pops

Lenny Henry. Who played Brian of Nazareth in "Life of Brian"?

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Graham Chapman. What is the name of the Ewing family home? Alias Smith and Jones.

examen des sucettes de perte de poids power pops

What is the name of the bar in the TV series "Cheers"? What kind of Lord is Dr Who? A Time Lord. What group did Cheryl Baker enjoy bubbling success with?

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Bucks Fizz. What lead singer helped to bring fame to the Eurythmics? Annie Lennox. What was the nationality of Elsie Tanner's second husband?

What is the title of BBC1's long running, early Sunday evening, hymn session? Songs of Praise. What film became the highest grossing western of all time? Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. What is the name of the hairdresser who phones Steve Wright on his show? What tear-jerker copped five Oscars? Terms of Endearment. What nickname replaced the Roscoe in Roscoe Arbuckle's name?

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At what age did John Cleese reach a height of 6 feet? What actor masquerades as a general by inspecting troops in "The Dirty Dozen"? Donald Sutherland. What group had their first No.

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