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About this book Introduction The Cambridge Platonists were defenders of tolerance in the political as well as the moral sphere ; they held that practical j u d g e m e n t came down in the last instance to individual conscience ; and they laid the foundations of our modern conceptions of conscience and liberty. But at the same time they ma intained the existence of eternal truthsand of a Good-in-itselfidentical with Truth and Being, refusing to admit that freedom of conscience i m p li e d moral relativism.

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They were critics of dogmatism, and of the sectarian notion of "enthusiasm" as a source of illuminationon the grounds that both were disruptive of social harmony; they pleaded the cause of reasonin the hope that it could become the foundation of all human knowledge.

Yetfor all thatthey ma intained that a certain sort of mystical illumination lay at the heart of all true thoughtand that human reason had validity only in virtue of i t s divine origin. They debated with Des cartes and took a keen interest in his mech- ism and his dualism ; they brought the atomistic theories of Democritus back into repute; and they sought to provide a detailed account of the causality link ing all phenomena.

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