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PV Presidente. Ursula von der Leyen, présidente de la Commission.

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Nous pensons à toutes les victimes et nous prions pour toutes les familles en deuil. Nous nous souviendrons de la jeune maman polonaise qui ne verra pas son bébé grandir et du jeune entraîneur de football espagnol qui ne verra pas son rêve se réaliser.

You cannot overcome a pandemic of this dalle multi slim pentru and this scale without the truth. The truth about everything: the numbers, the science, the outlook — but also about our own actions.

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Yes, it is true that no one was really ready for this. It is also true that too many were not there on time when Italy a needed a helping hand at the very dalle multi slim pentru. And yes, for that, it is right that Europe as a whole offers a heartfelt apology.

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But saying sorry only counts for something if it changes behaviour, and the truth is, too, that it did not take long before everyone realised that we must protect each other to protect ourselves.

The true Europe is standing up: the one that is there for each other when it is needed the most.

COFRAPLUS»220 – pentru proiectarea eficientă a .CROSS-SECTION / SECTION / SECŢIUNE CROSS-SECTION

The one where paramedics from Poland and doctors from Romania save lives in Italy. Where ventilators from Germany provide a lifeline in Spain. Where hospitals in Czechia treat the sick from France.

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And where patients from Bergamo are flown to clinics in Bonn. We have seen medical supplies go from Lithuania to Spain and respirators go from Denmark to Italy. In fact, we have seen every piece of equipment go in every direction across Europe, from whoever can spare it to whoever needs it.

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This makes me proud to be European. Of course, there are still some who want to point fingers and deflect blame. And there are others who would rather talk like populists than tell unpopular truths.

Because this Union of ours will get us through. But it will only be as strong tomorrow as we make it today.

COFRAPLUS»220 – pentru proiectarea eficientă a parcărilor .»Fruit d’un important programme

And if you need inspiration, just look at the way the people of Europe are standing together — with empathy, humility and humanity. And I pay tribute to all of them. To the delivery drivers and the food suppliers. The shopkeepers, the factory packers and the balcony clappers. The companies changing their production lines to make the supplies we urgently need.

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Above all else I thank and I pay tribute to our heroes: the medics, the nurses, the careworkers. They are the ones with bruises on their faces and tragic images in their minds.

The ones holding the hands of the sick as softly and as lovingly as the families that cannot be there. They are the ones saving our lives and saving our honour.

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The ones we must protect so that they can protect us all. Und genau darauf konzentrieren wir uns. Deswegen legen wir jetzt einen gemeinsamen Vorrat an medizinischer Ausrüstung an. Deswegen investieren wir gemeinsam in Forschung nach Impfstoffen.

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Deshalb kümmern wir uns zentral um die Beschaffung der am dringendsten benötigten Güter am Weltmarkt.

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