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We follow training at KAD Pest control privately We are a pest control company with extensive experience in the private sector. We remove all kinds of pests such as mice, rats, cockroaches, wasps, ants, silverfish, bed bugs, woodworm and longhorn beetle. We also take care of the control of fungi and fungus.

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For each type of pest, we have an effective solution and we ensure you that no new pest can arise thanks to our preventive and repelling measures. You can also reach us after office hours and 7 days a week for all your questions and guarantee a quick follow-up to solve your pest-problem quickly.

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We use competitive prices and a complete package inspection, prevention and control. An inspection is possible and is at all times without obligation and free of charge when proceeding to pest control.

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Pest control business We are a company that specializes in control, but mainly takes preventive and repelling measures to prevent pests from establishing themselves in your company. We work according to the newest guidelines and use the latest control techniques.

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Registration is kept via a log so that you are guaranteed at all times and do not have to worry about this, in this way you can fully focus on your business activities. Always the same pest exterminator for your company who knows what is going on and is aware of the company rules.

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This service is free of charge at all times.

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