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Parker, F. Existence of salt for geologic time periods, 2.

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The impermeability of salt to the passage of water; 3. The widespread geographical distribution of salt; 4.

Aujourd'hui, le wakamé est l'une des algues alimentaires les plus consommées au Japon, elle est consommée dans des soupes ou en salade.

The extremely large quantities of salt available; 5. The structural strength of salt; 6.

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The relatively high thermal conductivity of salt in comparison with other general geologic formations; 7. The possible recovery of valuable fission products in the wastes injected into the salt; 8.

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The relative ease of forming cavities in salt by mining, and the even greater ease and low cost of developing solution cavities in salt; and 9. The low seismicity in the areas of major salt deposits.

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Radioactive liquid wastes can be stored in cavities in natural salt formations if the structural properties of the salt are not adversely affected by chemical interaction, pressure, temperature, and radiation. Laboratory tests show that the structural properties and thermal conductivity of rock salt are not greatly altered by high radiation doses, although high temperatures increase the creep rate for both irradiated and unirradiated samples.

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Chemical interaction of liquid wastes with salt produces chlorine and other chlorine compound gases, but the volumes are not excessive. The migration of nuclides through the salt and deformation of the cavity and chamber can only be studied in undisturbed salt in situ.

One-fifth-scale models have been run in a bedded salt deposit in Hutchinson, Kansas, and full-scale field tests are in progress. L'existence du sel dans des formations correspondant a.

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