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Nutritionniste, docteure en nutrition By Karine Gravel, Dt. Nutritionist, doctorate in nutrition If I were a nutrition guru, I would answer this question by writing an article filled with ideas on how to easily lose 5 pounds.

For example, drinking a ton of water before eating, chewing gum non-stop or eliminating things like bread, pasta, potatoes and … fun. I wrote my doctoral thesis on eating behaviours and body weight.

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The result: I am ethically incapable of guaranteeing weight loss. There are multiple factors that influence our body weight, like biology and genetics e. Some factors can be changed, but not all of them! As a nutritionist, I hope to help you and not harm you.

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Instead, I would like to ask you some questions about what you eat. Do you tend to eat as a response to certain emotions? Do you tend to listen to your body?

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And what if losing weight were more possible if you listened to the messages your body gives you? Instead of trying to overcontrol what you eat, I encourage you to experiment with being kind to your body by making it your ally.

It certainly deserves better than a few revolutionary and miraculous pieces of advice to losing weight.

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